Sunday, 17 May 2015

New Hobbies

For this couple years i found my new hobbies instead of reading and writing. They are cooking, drawing, cloth making, and braiding.
My first new hobby is cloth making. I watched a drama Japan called Runway Beat and i fell in love with the clothes. Besides i fell in love with the dress from Pride and Prejudice 2005 movie costume. I searched and look for so many pictures of regency's clothing, Edwardian's clothing, historical movie costume, victorian gothic, variation of Harajuku style, mori style, and my traditional clothing with kebaya and jarik.
Picture is not enough anymore after i watched some tutorial video in YouTube. DIY video of making clothes is my next thing to be searched before i dare enough to make my own clothes. My first outfit i made is circle skirt. How lovely skirt. Then i tried make some kimono-inspire cardigan and vest. After that i made a one piece dress. The difficult thing to make is the arm part of cloth. Till now i can't make it right. But i always enjoy doing all that thing. And how proud i feel when i wear those clothes i make by my self.
To make dress look more beautiful we need to do something with the hair, that's why braiding is my second new hobby. It began in late 2013 when i watched a braiding video from YouTube. To make the straight and long hair with many variation of braid is amazing for me. From that year i grew my hair long. My first wanted braid is fish tail braid. It looks so amazing with that 2 strand but could make such lovely shape of braid. But fish tail braid wouldn't work in short hair.
Usually i wear hijab when go outside the house to meet people. But when i'm on the house i didn't wear hijab. At that time i braided my hair. I should wair for a year to start braiding because i stood wait the hair to grew long enough to be braided. I used have a very short short hair 'till people sometimes wrong me as a boy.
Recently i found that drawing is not scare me anymore. I used to scary to draw. Some articles said that people could been read their personality from their drawing and i feel afraid if people can read my weakness from my drawing. Not only because of that reason, but also because i draw so badly, even worse than kindergarten's drawing. But after the day i curious about watercolour, i become addicted to draw, even when my drawing still look bad. I like how the owner of Diary Sketch draw, it look easy, simple, but beautiful. I love her drawing.
Just like writing, when i have an idea what i need to draw, i instantly do drawing. Yap, so much enjoy it.
About the cooking, well i like to cook for a long time, even it never going well. I only mastered in making french fries. Hahaha . . . But ya i like to try new menu from different country with simple ingredients, hehehe . . .
That's all my new hobbies and i love doing all those things. Well, sometimes i over doing it. Hehehe . . . I just feel so alive when some inspiration come to my head down to my heart, and how the excitement pleasure me. It feels like all the good and positive things will come to you.

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